Where have you been?

I haven’t written on this blog for over a half year. And oh, how do I miss it. But, when you have to start to take care of yourself and rearrange your thoughts and life, some things are neglected. So also my blog.

2013 was not a that good year for me. It started awesome with great trips to Berlin, London and Sweden, but took a different turn when my ex-boyfriend decided that our relation didn’t function properly. I spent half of my summer vacation in great sadness and just when it went better, I got robbed from all my stuff when I was on my way home with my new boyfriend. What followed were a lot of time on the police station and being angry with the offenders. Just to get rid of all the sh*t, I decided to go to Tenerife with my best friend, where I had the best time of that summer.

When I came home from my little vacation,  the offenders were arrested and we had to go to the trial. It’s unbelievable that a robbery could take so much time from your life and to be honest, it was depressing sometimes.

I’m glad that 2013 is over. I lost some precious people but I’m glad I can say that I gained some beautiful friendships and a lovely boyfriend who is willing to do like a lot for me! I have learned a lot this year, in positive and negative way but I hope 2014 can make me smile a little more. The stress I had last year was overwhelming and at some times I had the feeling that I would fall and never get up. At least, I gained life lessons and new reasons to life to the fullest!

I will try to write more on this blog, but this time it will be about really everything and nothing. I don’t know if I will continue in English, I just felt comfortable writing it in English this time.



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